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  • Campfire Cooking

    Last night the Beavers had a fantastic evening working towards their Camp Craft badge by cooking over a fire. Chocolate Banana's, baked apples, S'mores and sausages all went down very well; lots of sticky fingers and faces by the end of it!  

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  • Police Dog Unit

    This evening the Beavers were very lucky to get a visit from a local Police Dog Unit.  2 dogs came to meet the Beavers and demonstrated some of their training. The Beavers also got the opportunity to see inside the police van and have a go ...

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  • A taste of Italy

    This week the Beavers have been working towards their Healthy Eating badge and learning about healthy and unhealthy foods. They put their culinary skills to the test by making some vegetable topped mini pizzas.  

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  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Last week the Beavers enjoyed an evening of Chinese Celebration as the Year of the Horse began. They cut out puppet silhouettes and made up a story before performing their Chinese Puppet show to the rest of the Colony.  Another tick off the Essex Challenge chart ...

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  • Fairtrade Kebabs

    3rd Brentwood Beavers started their 2014 Essex Challenge with a Fairtrade evening. After taking part in the Sweet Share game to help them understand 'fair trade', they took a look at the many products available in our supermarkets that are produced using Fairtrade produce. They then used ...

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  • Flying High

    Last week the Beavers got the opportunity to visit 1483 (Brentwood) Squadron Air Training Corps for the evening. The cadets each took a group of Beavers to take part in an activity to learn about the highs and lows of flying. The highlight of the evening was ...

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  • En Garde!

    Tonight the Beavers had a first class training session from the Little Musketeers Fencing club. They all undertook training for position, stance, attack and defence moves, having the chance to practice precision skills and having a one-one battle.  

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  • May Day Celebrations

    The Beavers had a fun evening of traditional May Pole and Morris Dancing.  After a few practice runs, they got the hang of it and got into the spirit of skipping and twirling!  

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  • Healthy Eating

    Last night our Beavers took the challenge to build a triple decker sandwich full of healthy ingredients and then try to eat it. There were some very interesting combinations and one sandwich so large our Beaver lost his wobbly tooth biting into it! They also designed some ...

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  • Happy Christmas Beavers

    Tonight was our last meeting at Beavers for 2012.  There were investitures, badges, awards and saying goodbye to our eldest Beavers. The Leaders received so many generous gifts from the parents and the Beavers all took home a small gift and chocolates to celebrate a successful ...

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